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Parka lets brands and retail engage people at the most opportune time. Connect with digital transportation apps and expand your marketing to people as they travel near you. Easily manage simple to complex campaigns in the Parka Dashboard.

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Our Platform

Native Advertising
More effective content delivery receives higher engagement.

Data Driven Targeting
Focus on specific audiences and apply retargeting campaigns.

Easy to start campaigns, surveys, and content to target consumers on location.

Our Process

Brands & Retail
Sign Up
Setup your account on our Parka Marketing Platform.
Create Campaign
Setup your marketing campaign by yourself or with the help of our team, and view what your content will look like before launching it.
Geo-Fence your Campaign
Select the Locations you want your campaign to be seen in.
Launch Campaign & View Analytics
Launch your campaign and watch the ROI of your marketing efforts via Parka. Visualize all of your results in our analytics page.
Transportation Apps
Integrate Parka API
Integrate our Parka Content Delivery API into your Transportation App to allow access to your network of users.
Select Types of Content
Choose only the types of content that are relevant to your brand.
Generate Revenue
Earn extra revenue every time someone on your app receives targeted/location relevant content.
Keep Your Users Engaged & Happy
Your users will only receive content/rewards that is relevant to them; thus, creating a better consumer experience.


Brands & Retail

Increase foot traffic

Engage consumers to improve experiences

Gather data from consumers

Digital Transportation Apps

Increased revenue per user

Localized Content to increase user engagement

Users receive rewards/incentives

About Us

We are a team that realizes that transportation in 10 years is going to be more different than anything we’ve experienced in the last 50 years.

We are creating a suite of innovative solutions to bring consumers, brands, and transportation companies a positive experience as people’s behavior changes regarding city transportation. As cities grow exponentially, we understand that a need for a robust and technologically advanced network to connect all transportation services is necessary and we want to help solve that.

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