Revolutionizing transportation marketing and mobility.

Parka Promotions

  • An innovative Location-Based Marketing Platform to engage consumers with targeted incentives and rewards
  • Brands can easily set up campaigns, surveys, and content to target consumers based on their destination

Parka Points

  • A loyalty program that facilitates a positive feedback from consumers and rewards frequent users with prizes.
  • Bringing gamification to an industry lacking innovative technology solutions.
  • We provide an API for third-party companies to use our loyalty program.

Transportation Analytics

  • Use traveler data for decision making on marketing strategies, loyalty programs, ridership engagement events, etc.
  • Receive real time information on user base and aggregated monthly reports.

Seamless Flow

  • Give consumers the ability to interact with their favorite brands and stores at their convenience
  • Engage with consumers to build real relationship and gather actual consumer insights


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Parka Solutions

We are a group of individuals that want to change the antiquated transportation & parking industry. We want to build a suite of innovative solutions to bring consumers a seamless and positive experience with city transportation and parking. As cities grow, we understand that a need for a robust and technologically advanced transportation method are required and we want to help solve that.

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